5 Ways Elventus Coaching can take you further

Elventus’s mission is to help gamers realize their full potential. From mechanics, to macro play, to mindset, we can give you the tools you need to improve your gameplay. Here are 5 ways that Elventus coaching can take you above and beyond.

Our coaching promises lasting results.

Elventus isn’t a boosting service. We’re not here to give you an unearned rank that will only last for one season. When you sign up for an Elventus coaching session, you’ll take away skills that will help you keep on climbing—an accomplishment you can be proud of.

We’ll help you think critically in every game.

Even the easiest of games can go south in the blink of an eye. We’ll teach you decision-making skills that’ll prepare you for any curveball.

In a test of skill, it’s better to study hard than to be given all the answers. Our coaches can’t stand over your shoulder during your ranked games and tell you what to do next, but they can teach you how to analyze the battlefield and make game-changing choices.

Elventus coaches are qualified professionals.

Every coach who works with Elventus has a track record of in-game success and excellent teaching skills. Our team are consistently high-ranked players with years of coaching experience, and even experience on professional teams. You can rest assured that their top-quality advice will help you see your gameplay in a new light and break through the barriers holding you back. 

We don’t just look at in-game stats.

Even if your even if you have perfect mechanics, map awareness, or game sense, sometimes, your mental can hold you back. Whether you’re prone to tilting or giving up, or you lack the motivation to dedicate yourself to improvement, our coaches can help get your mindset on the right track.

Your coaching experience doesn’t end with your session.

Elventus has fostered a vibrant Discord community that allows students to continue receiving support even after sessions have ended. Join our servers to get gameplay feedback, discuss meta changes, find people to play with, or just hang out and chat!

To join the Elventus community or schedule a session, join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/XsBtp8Y

Author: Emily Wiewiorowski