Our Top 5 Supporters

The ranked grind can be rough for a support main, especially if you don’t have a particularly aggressive playstyle. A lot of people say that if you want to climb, you have to pick high-skill, playmaking supports. I disagree. Here are my top 5, semi-braindead supports. 

1. Sona

Hot take of the day: Sona is one of the most underrated supports in League of Legends. It took me just 27 games of spamming Sona in Solo Queue to get from Gold III to Plat IV. Sure, she’s not as much of a playmaker as other supports are, like Thresh, Nautilus, or Pyke, but she’s incredibly versatile. If she plays aggressively and puts points into her Q early, her poke can turn almost any laning phase fight in her favor. If she maxes heal, evades well, and knows how to manage her summoner spells, her ADC can do whatever they want and still have a high chance at living. Late game, she provides high sustain and mobility, and her damage output is still respectable if she’s not terribly behind. And who doesn’t love a giant AoE stun?

2. Leona

Speaking of giant AoE stuns, Leona is one of the most engage-heavy supports in my champion pool. I pull her out when my team is looking a little too squishy, or if Sona is picked away from me and I want to spite-kill her level 2. Stun your opponent for 5 seconds straight, blow up a squishy by full combo-ing and igniting them, maybe even solo kill the enemy ADC—and make it out alive.

3. Janna

Janna is the queen of disengage. For a long time, she was my go-to anti-feeding pick in intimidating matchups. It’s quite simple, really: if you’re losing, press Q or R and you’re out. If you’re winning, press E and your ADC pops off. Genius! 

4. Nami

Nami another favorite of mine for her utility and frequent crowd control potential. A skilled Nami is almost impossible to escape; her Q and R knock up, her E and R slow, and any ability that hits her teammates gives them a burst of movement speed. On top of all that, her W is one of the strongest healing abilities in the game, and can easily be used to turn early trades in her favor. Without a doubt, Nami is another underappreciated champion, especially mid game.

5. Neeko

Hear me out—Neeko isn’t a frequent pick of mine in the bot lane, but she’s one of the most fun. She doesn’t provide anything in the way of shielding, healing, or any other type of utility for an ADC, but she has two crowd-controlling abilities and she deals more damage than a support ever should. You know what they say: death is the best CC.

Who are your go-to picks on the Rift?

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Author: Emily Wiewiorowski