Hi, we are elventus.

We are a team of passionate gamers that understand the struggles of the players because we experienced them in first person.

We’re one of you -
the gaming community.

We’re a group of hard workers who are trying to change the gaming landscape for the better. We realize that gaming and esports could be something so much bigger than they are now; and we want you to be a part of our journey to make that happen.

Our Goal?

To help gamers live the best life they possibly can. That’s it.

We want to incorporate gaming into your lifestyle the right way. To meet those ends, we’re doing everything we can.

We’re working with the most qualified professionals in the industry.

Success is more than one win

Our core values help us to stand out from the rest.

We believe in passion, positivity, empathy, open communication, and most importantly, a growth mindset. These are the traits that we instill in our community & clients. Armed with the right mindset, we believe people can achieve anything they aim for.

From coaching players to help them climb ranks in esports, to rehabilitating gamers that went about it the wrong way - we’re doing it all. We’re focused on our community. We’ve set up a vibrant Discord community that’s engaged in the gaming culture, and we keep giving to it.

Whether you need coaching to pursue a career in esports, or simply want to climb the ladder, we’re here for you. Our community is here to support you. It doesn’t matter how involved you are in the world of gaming. If you’re a gamer, our doors are always open to you.

We’re out to improve your life.

We want you to find success in your academics, work, and gaming; and we’re willing to go to any lengths to do that.

We’re Elventus. Let us help you find your success.