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I’ve only done one session and managed to climb two tiers in a matter of days. Definitely looking forward to my next session, best coach I’ve ever had.



[Elventus] constantly broke down what I needed to work on and to simplify principles while giving you the motivation and tools to be successful.

R3d Snow


[Elventus] leaves you with training and practice tools that not many other coaches would leave you with. I look forward to many more lessons.



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Basecamp coaching takes place with a group of highly competitive individuals who collaborate on goals and questions regarding League of Legends. Prior to each session, coaches and staff will gauge what topics are most important to each player. Coaches cover topics in each session according to each player’s interests and goals. Afterwards, players receive Training Blueprints that will help players practice what they learned.

Players who join the Basecamp program will gain access to an exclusive channel in Elventus’s discord server, where they can chat about sessions, give or receive gameplay advice, and receive live support from our certified coaches and support staff. For nearly half the price of a one-on-one coaching session, you can expect even more support, feedback & results than any other individual coaching program out there.

You can sign up by joining the Elventus coaching Discord server The #about-lol-mastermind channel has all the information you need, and you’ll be able to contact all of our staff and coaches for additional information.

In honor of the company’s soft launch, founder Eric Lay shared what the founding of Elventus personally meant to him.

In an interview last month, Eric explained his vision for the company: to help players use gaming as a tool for positive change in their lives. “I want to use Elventus as a vehicle to educate and empower gamers across the world,” Eric said. “Gaming has sort of a negative connotation around it, but I believe it can be used as a valuable educational/lifestyle tool to help people accomplish their goals, both in and out of the game.”

To elaborate, Eric spoke more about one of the groups he wanted to empower: gamers who are struggling mentally. 

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