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What sets Elventus coaching apart from the rest?

Elventus coaching is driven by a passion for inspiring long-term growth, teaching transferable skills, and instilling a positive mentality among gamers.

Each session is uniquely tailored to help each player overcome whatever might be hindering their success. 

“Coaching with Elventus, I’ve learned new tools and ways of explaining concepts that help everyone to understand. This isn’t a lecture hall class where you go with one approach and try to help everyone learn at once; you have to specialize the way you communicate based on each individual.” ⁠—Michael

Who are our coaches?  

Our coaches are experienced gaming veterans who have climbed to the highest reaches of the ranked ladder. Their expertise in the latest meta and game tactics has guided Elventus students to new heights. 

Elventus currently offers coaching in League of Legends. We plan to support more games as the company grows.

What do our coaching sessions look like?

Elventus coaches want to open your eyes to mistakes you may not even know you’re making.

In every session, they’ll share tips that encourage long-term progress and practices that will help you in-game and offline.

Our coaches will teach you how to identify your win condition, read your opponents’ movements, and make proactive plays that keep you one step ahead of your enemy.

Each session will cater to your specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Whether you’re trying out an off-meta pick or you want to master your favorite champion, you’ll be able to keep the map—and the match—under your control.

“Getting my students to be able to play to improve, rather than focusing on the outcome of each game, will help each of them reach their long-term goal. With Elventus, we are really nailing down that the player needs to put the work in to get their desired results. If they put in that consistent work, then they will see the success they want over time.” — Brandon 


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