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Book a FREE consultation call on Discord Brandon “RvzStealth” Dwernychuk is a League of Legends instructor with a year of professional coaching under his belt. Here are a few of his achievements and qualifications: Master...
The League of Legends Mastermind will be run by Eric Lay our founder and CEO. Eric is a league of legends coach, entrepreneur, professional gaming, and esports player development expert! In the 10 seasons of playing league, Eric has hit the...
Mateusz "Alanzqtft" Jasinski
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Alan is a member of Team Liquid who spent multiple weeks As the #1 ranked player in the world for Teamfight Tactics.  Alan is one of the few people in the world who has climbed past the...
Book a FREE consultation call on Discord Michael “JapaneseImport” Takahashi is a Challenger League of Legends player with 5 years of coaching under his belt. Here are a few highlights from his LoL career so far:...
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