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The Story Behind Elventus

The Story Behind Elventus

In honor of the company’s soft launch, founder Eric Lay shared what the founding of Elventus personally meant to him.

In an interview last month, Eric explained his vision for the company: to help players use gaming as a tool for positive change in their lives. “I want to use Elventus as a vehicle to educate and empower gamers across the world,” Eric said. “Gaming has sort of a negative connotation around it, but I believe it can be used as a valuable educational/lifestyle tool to help people accomplish their goals, both in and out of the game.”

To elaborate, Eric spoke more about one of the groups he wanted to empower: gamers who are struggling mentally. 

“A lot of people use gaming as an escape, as an avenue away from their problems,” Eric said. “I want to utilize gaming as a tool to help individuals develop the mindsets, habits, and skills to reach their full potential by combining sports psychology and personal development research.”

Having struggled with mental health issues and a difficult home environment in his youth, Eric became motivated to help other gamers with similar experiences.

“I always had really bad family issues,” Eric said. “My parents were always fighting and often I felt like I had no control over my life no matter how hard I tried to make things right. My family situation, along with my personal identity issues began to affect my mental health negatively and eventually, I would turn to video games as a way to find solace and peace.”

Eric Lay coaches League of Legends at Elventus

Gaming started as a fun hobby, later became a coping mechanism, and eventually became an addiction, Eric recalled, but his life began to turn around once he noticed how his self-destructive habit had damaged his relationship with his parents. 

“It was a huge life-changing moment for me when I saw how much pain and struggle I was causing for my family,” Eric said. 

After struggling for several years Eric began diving into the world of sports psychology and personal development to radically shift his fixed mindset. As he continued his journey as an esports coach, he realized that he could combine his skill in gaming with the lessons he had learned about success to help his students truly unlock their full potential

“After turning my life around, I want to use gaming to help people go through the same kind of positive change,” Eric said. “Many of my students mentioned that the things I taught them in the game have positively affected their academics and career, and that’s what I am most proud of. I think gaming can have profound positive and negative impacts on individuals, and it is my mission to make sure we are educating and empowering gamers to unlock true fulfillment and success.” 

Like Eric, all of us at Elventus are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of gamers across the world. We believe that gaming should be revolutionary in motivating, educating, and empowering people, and we’re dedicated to inspiring that change both on and off the digital arena.

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