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Partner Spotlight: Lyaphine

Partner Spotlight: Lyaphine

Author: Emily Wewiorowski

Elventus’s first Partner Spotlight features Lyaphine, a League of Legends streamer and content creator who has helped to spread the word about our coaching platform.

Lyaphine started playing League of Legends around the end of Season 4. She immediately took interest in Aurelion Sol when he was announced two seasons later, and upon his release, she began to play him every game⁠—no matter what role she was assigned. 

“I love the universe and I’ve loved dragons since I was a child,” she wrote in her Twitch bio, explaining her fondness for Aurelion Sol. “I decided to main him as soon as I read on the forum that a dragon champion was going to be released. His playstyle also fits me really well, and his voice and character are awesome. ”

Lyaphine’s streaming career began when she noticed a lack of Aurelion Sol content in the League of Legends community. She started uploading gameplay montages to YouTube, and when her viewers asked her to share full-game videos, she decided to take her love of Sol to Twitch. It has now been two and a half years since she began streaming, and she has gained over two thousand followers in that time. 

Her current objective is to reach Master by playing her favorite champion in the jungle. To meet this goal, she scheduled a coaching session with Elventus. 

“I learned so much in that session, honestly,” Lyaphine said. “Things like rubber banding, the three-step way to secure objectives, setting up vision fences, things like that.”

Lyaphine and Michael “JapaneseImport” Takahashi spent a productive hour analyzing one of her jungle Aurelion Sol matches. She said that, immediately after her lesson, she finally succeeded in her Diamond 3 promos after being stuck in Diamond 4 for ages. Now, she can finally climb like she’s been hoping to!

Watch Lyaphine’s session with Michael “JapaneseImport” Takahashi below:


And make Sure to check out her cute dog:

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