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League of Legends - End of Season

League of Legends - End of Season

Author: Emily Wewiorowski

The end of League of Legends’s 9th ranked season is just around the corner, with November 19th being the last day for players to gain or lose LP. Riot has announced the grand prize for those who end the season in Gold 4 or higher: Victorious Aatrox. Additionally, honorable players will get free emotes based on their Honor level at the end of the season.

Special rank-specific items will also be unlocked in the Riot Games merch store, including a Victorious Aatrox poster for players who qualified for the skin itself, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for more than just in-game content. 



Although no other rewards have been revealed so far, prizes similar to those from past seasons—like emotes, summoner icons, ward skins, and loading screen borders—could make an appearance. These will likely be available for all participants regardless of rank, so if you won’t be hitting Gold this season, don’t worry; you may still have some goodies coming your way. 



With even more players rushing to climb before the season draws to a close, ranking up can be especially hectic. Whether you’re aiming for this year’s grand prize, or you’re trying to rank up regardless of season rewards, Elventus is here to help you improve.


Our coaches can give you the tools you need to go above and beyond in your ranked climb. Finish Season 9 strong and book a session with us today.


Picture by Riot Games

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